Memory Savings

by littlesarahbigworld

Today I arrived at the school to find hardly anyone else here. No students, no teachers, not even the office people.

Turns out it was Daylight Savings. Not today, but on Saturday.

I’m not surprised that this slipped my mind, passed without my noticing, as I’ve never actually been informed of DST in any other way than by word of mouth. Ever.

In this way, it strikes me as a rather Spanish concept: poorly organized and wholly informal, though entirely official. Like most of my experiences here, it just felt so random.

Like hearing this song TWICE on the bus today.

Or sitting in the back of math class while the kids review algebraic properties, which is really a review for me, as well. It reminded me of this one time, in fifth grade, on the bus to school. Who knows why, but I was talking to some younger, bitchy, blonde-headed rich girl about math. I told her that I was really good at it, and she tested me with some ridiculous little equation, something like “seven times five plus two minus 8 divided by 10 times 300 plus ninety…” etc. I don’t remember what solution I gave her, but she insisted it was wrong, and then her and her little friend had a good laugh at my expense. (Years later, when I learned the order of operations, I realized that I probably had solved it wrong).

Anyways, she’s probably married now with already, like, two children and a house in the suburbs. While I, on the other hand, am in Spain.

Wishing that I could go home.