by littlesarahbigworld

I think I am falling in love.

…with Spain.

I love walking around the streets of Madrid. I love the people–the little old men with their froggy voices and the little old women with bright red hair.

I love my abono (metro/bus pass). I love riding the metro, except when I don’t (which is often).

I love sleepovers with Laura, with her super pijo sheets and her super pijo barrio. (I love that she’s taken me under her wing).

I love that every visit to my doctor includes a good ten minutes of discussion/lecture on politics, health care, gypsies, dictators, and/or bananas -v- plátanos. I love that he told me that 15 minutes is “not very much time at all” to spend eating a meal (and even that was a lie–I eat in, like, 5 minutes. While watching TV).

I love speaking French with Sebastian and going to the movies. I love the Retiro.

And I love, love, LOVE café con leche. And fresh bread.