My New Thing

by littlesarahbigworld

I’m always on about My New Thing. “My new thing” is just whatever I happen to be into at the moment. Like once I took a cab-ride, like, two times in two weeks, in Salt Lake City (not a super cabby place). So then my new thing was taking cab-rides.

Sometimes my new thing sticks around long enough to just become my thing. Baking is kind of my thing. So is tea. And speaking Spanish.

Sometimes my new thing is a bad thing, like the time when my new thing was spicy Cheetos and light blue Gatorade, but my OTHER new thing was being obsessed with the Jonestown Massacre/Suicides. It finally peaked when my boyfriend at the time came over to visit, and there I was: eating spicy Cheetos and drinking light blue Gatorade while listening to the original recording of Jim Jones’s mass-suicide proposal, with the trash can full of empty spicy Cheetos bags and light blue Gatorade bottles.

I believe my boyfriend’s exact words were “Look at how you live your life!”

Sometimes my new thing is just a weird little brain loop that I get stuck on in my head. For instance, I went through this phase where I would say to myself “I guess what I REALLY want is…” followed by whatever lame thing had just happened. So, like, “I guess what I REALLY want is to stub my toe on the door,” or “I guess what I REALLY want is to break all my coffee mugs.” Stuff like that, but I only ever said it to myself.

In fact, I think “my new thing” started out as an only-in-my head type of thing. But now my newest new thing is that I have a blog, and I don’t have to keep all my thoughts to myself anymore.

And I like that thing.