Weekend in Madrid

by littlesarahbigworld

Recently a lot of people have been advising me to get out and enjoy the Springtime while it lasts, because apparently Springtime in Madrid is super short-lived–by the time you notice the weather’s warmed up, you’ve already begun the steady descent into the hell that is Summertime Madrid.

Now, people make a lot of blanket-type statements about Madrid/Spain that later turn out to be just opinions, but this little tidbit has already proven itself to be true. This, combined with the fact that I already have JUST UNDER TWO MONTHS LEFT, has inspired me to take advantage of the fair weather and get out and about as much as possible.

Also, I realize that I post a lot about my feeeeelings here and very little about day-to-day happenings. So here’s what I did last weekend: passed the time pleasantly eating delicious things with friends.

Jane was back in town

beers @ El Pescador

Me, Jane and Sebastien

The Aftermath

Falafel burritos and fries with Laura in the park

Coffee in the Solarium with Laura and cacti


Peggy Sue's in the park with Laura

And even though I’m starting to feel anxious about returning home (ch-ch-ch-ch-changes), I can honestly say that I’m making the most of what little time I have left here.

I mean, two picnics in one weekend, c’mon.