Non-Fiction Lush

by littlesarahbigworld

Never thought I’d get so into non-fiction (and I do think that it says something about this category that it has to be defined in terms of what it’s not…), but then this guy came along:

Malcolm Gladwell

I mean, look at how he writes: (from The Tipping Point)

“We are all, at heart, gradualists, our expectations set by the steady passage of time.”

“Weisberg has a low, raspy voice, baked hard by half a century of nicotine, and she pauses between sentences to give herself the opportunity for a quick puff. Even when she’s not smoking, she pauses anyway, as if to keep in practice for those moments when she is.”

Awesome. Here’s some other stuff from that book:

“In a way, the desire to be of service and influence–whatever it is–can be taken too far. You can become nosy…You have to remember that it’s their decision. It’s their life.” (Mark Alpert)

“I even remember sitting upstairs in his sister’s bedroom…separating the seeds out of some pot on the cover of a Grateful Dead album…The draw for me was the badness of it, and the adult-ness, and the way it proved the idea that you could be more than one thing at once.” (From Gladwell’s smoking questionnaire)