Winnemucca, NV

by littlesarahbigworld

Also known as “What-the-f#$%-a”

Sister Natalie and I planned a stealth mission to surprise Other Sister, Nikki, for her birthday, and she was TOTALLY SURPRISED. We got her boyfriend in on it, and everything. She answered the door, thinking it was a pizza they’d ordered, but it was us! With food from Red Iguana! We stayed the weekend and saw the best that Winnemucca has to offer:

I-80 Westbound

Metaphor Tree (a huge sculpture along the highway)

Tea & Lunch @ Third Street Bistro

'Nuff Said


Birthday Cupcakes


Not pictured: watching Pee-Wee’s Playhouse with nephew Isaac, Nikki’s home-made meatballs, and going for a run through the snow-dusted desert, only to realize half-way out that there was nobody to save me from being r-ed, or being eaten by a coyote.