Sidewalk Chalk / Street Art

by littlesarahbigworld

Somebody in Salt Lake is awesome. Somebodies? Whoever is behind this:

First Avenue and H Street

(“No, the girl played host to a symphony of want. She was a fever.”)

I came across this (THIS!) on the corner near my place, coming home from the laundromat. A little delight, and I especially liked how the creator(s) had used the sidewalk’s engraved street name.

But then (THEN!), out for a walk with Finny the Baby, there were more! This time clear on the other end of the Avenues. A veritable treasure hunt, and I will share it with you.

1st Avenue and T Street

3rd Avenue and T Street

(“Rachel drove recklessly, the windows were rolled down. Sylvie licked her lips and tasted dust.”)

3rd Avenue and S Street

(“It was summer solstice, the longest light. They would sleep at the jetty.”)

3rd Avenue and R Street

(“They passed rusted out mining equipment, rocks painted with aliens.”)

(Meta, right?)

1st Avenue and R Street

I wonder if they were supposed to be telling a story? I’ve seen some while out walking since, and one even had an arrow, like maybe that was the starting point, but I prefer to savor them at random.