First Night Out in Tours

by littlesarahbigworld

Look at me! Being social! Met up with a bunch of students at L’institut for the semi-official opening soirée. We went to a bar called Le Cabin where we drank cheap wine (2€ a cup, but not at all bad) and sweet beer while playing what the prof. Faustine called “speed meeting.”

I met lots of students studying at the Institut but not part of our group from Utah. They were instead from Georgia (the state), Korea, China, and Germany. Also I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was to be drinking wine. Ecstatic, really.

la Loire at night

Then Adam, Chase and I broke off to head over to the Guinguette by the river, which was in full swing.

We ran into more of our classmates there (Utahns and non-Utahns), met knew people (including Gabriela’s roommate Blanca, from Madrid!), and drank as much as we could stomach of a super-foul cocktail that Chase ordered by mistake–beer, jager and sprite. Or something like that.

les poissons, les lumières

We drank, smoked (mais pas moi–not me!), and spoke French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. Just how I like it.

Then later I ate a kebab panini avec fromage, which was almost as soul-satisfying as the wine. Almost.