Yesterday was a Beautiful Day

by littlesarahbigworld

…and also a jour de férié, which means no classes. So Adam and I rented bikes to ride along the Loire river.

It was a pleasant, flat ride with lots of quirky little farms along the way.

We had initially set out for Amboise, but we maybe got just ever so slightly lost and every so slightly tired (after an hour and a half of biking), so we settled for a smaller village about 15 km away from Tours (whereas Ambois is about 24).

Yep, that village (et ses fleurs). It was up on a hill and trés petite, but also pretty cute, with lots of little building (homes? storage? hobbitvilles?) built into the hillside.

We ate lunch in what appeared to be the only open restaurant in town (remember, jour de férié), and it was quite good. Turns out Adam and I have lots in common, including a mutual (former) friend. Small world. Good company.

Then we biked around town for a while, just checking out the French suburbs, before heading home.

(We stopped along the way to dip into the Loire, rinse various sorts of grime off our faces and, you know, commune with Nature)

*     *     *

LATER: We ran into Chase while returning our bikes (this photo is maybe staged).

And we enjoyed cold beverages in a café, while sneaking Speculoos cookies from Chase’s backpack under the table. Then later later Adam and I got icecream and walked around, talkin’ French.

Like I said, a Beautiful Day.