by littlesarahbigworld

…anyways, all of that bicycling was to actually GET TO a place (though in the end I think I liked the bike ride more…)

And that place was Amboise, where I ate lunch and visited a castle before my camera died. Oops. Poor planning. But look at me! Not even freaking out about it! Not even beating myself up! Whatever, I could have checked the battery before I left, but who cares? You probably do, but you’ll just have to content yourselves with what I’ve got, as far as photographic evidence is concerned.

Amboise - Old Town

lunch at La Cère

walking around

view of the town from up on the hillside

The castle

The gardens

Inside the castle

That fireplace is from a free, guided tour that I took. In French! My French is getting so good. Did I ever mention that I haggled with the bike guy? In French! True Story!

Anyways, that was Amboise, and tomorrow I’m going to Italy to visit my New Cousin. Also a true story. Au revoir!