SLAPercussion @ the Arts Fest

by littlesarahbigworld

I don’t know if you’d have guessed it from my wildly creative post title, but I went to the Salt Lake Arts Festival on Sunday to watch my friends KILL IT with their junk percussion group, SLAPercussion. They’re some kids I’ve grown up with or met in college who got into bucket drumming a few years back and have now turned that into a well-known, money making, groove-inducing ensemble.

Friends, I actually KNOW these guys! Such an honor.

Look at that crowd! That is, like, a tenth of the people who turned out to see them. It was nuts!

And the people sitting around me kept having murmurs of agreement, like “Wow, they’re REALLY good,” or, “Did you see what that guy just did? Cool!”

I just felt really lucky to know these guys, to have seen their group grow from a hobby to a must-see event at one of Utah’s biggest annual festivals. That’s all. That’s all this is. Just a big fat shout-out to my homies.

*       *       *

In other news, I’m a little backed-up in posting what’s left of my adventures in France, as well as some long-ago-seeming adventures (Portland, last March) that I’ve been dragging on. But hopefully I’ll be caught up by week’s end. Thanks for reading, friends!