Ladies Who Lunch

Monday I had lunch with Whitney at the Beehive Tea Room.

We talked about her wedding, love, life, moving to Europe. Why I can’t settle down. Going to Korea. It is nice to have someone that is so easy to talk to.

*       *       *

Today I met up with Allison at Tulie, after we had each gone for a run. We ate quiche and pastry, drank coffee, shot the shit (boys, old friends, moving cross-country, moving to Europe, etc.). Then we stopped by her house, which is always lovely and lady-like.

And then we sunbathed for hours at my moms house, drank pomegranate spritzers, talked about family and relationships and hot Italian boys, ate popsicles,  dipped in the kiddie pool, and then snacked on chips and hummus. Before going to the liquor store and then going our own separate ways.

*       *       *

Life is good with friends. Too bad none of them live here.

*       *       *

It’s funny–that used to bother me. The not having enough friends/enough close friends/enough friends who lived close-by. And now I don’t really care. I’m happy with what I have, and if I want more I have myself. My music. Running.

And of course this silly old blog.