S! A! T-U-R! D-A-Y! NIGHT!

by littlesarahbigworld

Lately I’ve been feeling strange and reckless, not caring, wanting to go out dancing, or to karaoke.

But, instead. Last night. I:

-babysat for Sister Rosie, who helped me paint my nails

-played Scrabble with Kevin (poorly)

-and baked Stawberry Upside-Down Cake with Cardamom

The recipe came from Joy the Baker. I adore her. I like the way she writes, personable and silly, and the way she breaks everything down, step-by-step (day by day), and her pretty, pretty pictures.  I’m always drooling over her blog, dreaming of all the magic I’ll make in the kitchen, but I rarely follow through. This was the second thing I’ve ever made at her suggestion, and I’ve been following for over a year.

Anyways, haven’t even tasted the cake yet, actually. It’s for a couple -vs- couple dinner tonight with Lindsey and Richie. You know, grown-up stuff. No karaoke. No dancing.

Though I have stayed up late and then slept in ’til 11:00 for three days in a row now, which is…something. Yeah, something.