My Day Off

by littlesarahbigworld

…will never truly be a Day Off. There is always so much to do! Oh, well, I suppose I like it like that.

And some of it was fun, like breakfast at Blue Plate with Dad.

It’s in sort of a weird spot, with lots of businesses around, but still close to a very residential area (the suburbs), and far enough away that I’ve only ever been there twice. It’s not downtown, is what I’m saying, but something about the busy road going right past and the surrounding strip-malls make it that much more quintessentially American–a good ol’ fashioned road-side diner. But with vegan stuff, too.

Also on the agenda for today is moving all of our crap from the house we’ve been house-sitting for almost a month back into my tiny studio. Yes, the boy and I are going to try sharing a studio. After never having lived together previously. Except for house-sitting, which is generally way more spacious. Moving looked like this:

But it’s not all ours, I swear! It’s just the glass recycling, which I went and dumped/crashed/smashed/recycled this morning, as a favor to the family. Because their cat died while we were on duty. Because throwing glass into a big dumpster filled with already glass is fun.

Wow, this is certainly going nowhere. Let’s make a list, that will seem productive, and then I have more work to do (rehearsal, weight lifting, burger eating…)

Up-coming Things on littlesarahBigWorld:

-new page layout! yay! more widgets!

-finally posting about Portland! and Boise! and Long Island! this is kind of a travel blog, right?

-pictures of my “new” apartment, where I’ve been living maybe since late March. but it’s still new. to me.

-you! having a nice day! enjoying the sunshine! eating burgers, why not?