Salt Lake City Tourism

by littlesarahbigworld

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about location, traveling, a sense of place, and a sense of wonder. Why should I only take photos when I’m abroad? Why should my experiences at home be any less exciting or wondrous or strange?

In fact, the more I travel and experience new places, the more my experience of the familiar–Salt Lake City, in this case–changes. It’s like being given new eyes, and suddenly things are novel again. I like it. Plus it is one of my life goals to let the world know that Utah is unlike any other place on earth. Or did you know that already?

So here’s Friday, after working out, out for a long walk. I wanted more, I wanted house parties and giant rums and coke (internal pluralization points), and dancing, and new friends. But what I got was okay. It’s a start.

dinner at B & D Burgers

stopping to smell the flowers


South Temple at dusk

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, with the whole “It was okay, it was a start” business. It’s just that I’m in a spot right now where I need to decide if I want to stick around and maybe try to plant some roots here, or pack up and leave again. Run away. It’s like I’m waiting for Salt Lake to tempt me into staying, and all this means that here I am, once again, floating up in the air, feeling disconnected.

But trying very, very hard to live in the moment. Take pictures. Enjoy what I have.