I went to an epic librarian party…

by littlesarahbigworld

…and all I have to show for it is this picture:

It’s a balloon, if you couldn’t tell. In a bar. I maybe was a little bit too sauced at this point for documentation, BUT I did realize my giant rums and coke dream at long last. Several times over.

And before all this was a baby shower for Sister Natalie, with pie.

Blueberry pie, specifically, with the crust and filling recipes taken straight from The Joy of Cooking. BUT with one awesome improvement–Kevin found in Cooks Illustrated a trick where you grate a Granny Smith apple into the pie to thicken it up, instead of using cornstarch. Amazing! Check that out here.

Also this was tag-team baking, where I made the crust in the AM before heading off to work, and then Kevin made the filling and baked it all up in the PM, after returning from work. Aren’t we just the coolest kids on the block?