Amateur Photography

by littlesarahbigworld

I didn’t do so well in high school. I graduated with a two point…something GPA. It’s all a little hazy, honestly. And the first two years of college weren’t so great, either. I didn’t really know what I was doing there.

So I took a semester off, worked full time, realized that though I wasn’t certain about what I wanted to do, I sure as hell didn’t want to do 40 hours a week of menial labor for the rest of my life, and went back to college. Friends, I aced it. Straight As, even with a bulging course load and multiple part-time jobs.

Well, almost straight As. I had two A minuses. One in Political Science (meh), and one in Photography. Beginning Photography, for non-majors. I had taken the class because I thought I’d do well, that I had a good eye. But then I was repeatedly disappointed to see that my fellow non-majors consistently achieved far better results in the dark room. My stuff just wasn’t that good. A minus material. And I carried that around with me for a while, thinking that I was not that great of a photographer, that I did not, after all, have an interesting perspective to share with the world. I hardly took any pictures, even while traveling abroad, for years after that.

*       *       *

But that’s bulls*#$. I take great photos, Friends, even though I only use a dinky little Costco camera, designed for clumsy folk like me (shock proof and water proof). And I take LOTS of photos. So many, in fact, that I can’t share them all with you here.

So I’ve opened a Flickr account. Me! Sarah! The not-so-great-photographer, has enough share-worthy photos that it will take me days–no, weeks, probably–to get them all up onto Flickr. Check out my progress here.

In the meantime, here’s a preview–what’s left of that week at the cabin. Judge for yourselves if I really deserved that A- or may, in fact, have a unique view of the Big World.