New Friends, Part III

by littlesarahbigworld

The third and final part, because from here on out they can probably just be considered Friends. No qualifying adjective required.

Sometimes life goes by too fast to be documented. Sometimes you are too busy actually living the damned thing to take pictures or notes. So from a jam-packed weekend of car borrowing, backyard gin and tonics, square dancing in an emptied-out woodworker’s shop, pizza and beer and talk of violin-making, and a crowded work picnic with a surprise, 10-minute rainstorm…you come away with little glimpses, random moments of laughter or light. Like lanterns hanging in a friend’s backyard…

…or the savaged remains of a much-anticipated Root Beer Float Cake. And there is so much more that I could tell you about, so many more images that I’d love to show you–new memories made with new friends–but it all whizzed by too fast to capture, a blur of friends and laughter and booze and food and talk.

And I’m okay with that, really, because I know that there is more to come. Much, much more.