End of Summer

by littlesarahbigworld

Back to school shopping with my cousin this weekend felt like an end. The end of Summer. Tweeds and cardigans and corduroys, when I’m still yearning for light summer dresses and woven sandals. Ah, well, I suppose this is how the world moves on. Before you’re ready.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t soak up every last drop of the golden August sun. So, Pineview again, this time with Stephanie and Paula friends, and a picnic of Mediterranean bean salad, bread, and cherries. Cherries mean Summer.

Then a private screening of Magic Trip at the Art House Cinema, in Ogden, where we sipped Mexican coke from bottles and fantasized about great American road trips.  Cold drinks and air-conditioned theaters mean Summer.

Then we walked around in the baking sun, snapping pictures and taking our time, before heading to Rooster’s for burgers, fries, and iced tea, savored slowly in the cool shade of a long canvas canopy. Iced tea means summer. So does dining outside.


I figure we’ve got about a month left of swimming, of backyard barbecues, and dresses, and heat. A month left of weekend mornings with Kevin–sleeping in, getting coffee, eating pastry, and TV.

I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.