Daily Grind© – Now With Peanuts!

by littlesarahbigworld

I have been absent from you, my friends. I have not had time to write. I’m still a-documentin’ as ever, and I now have so many back-logged pictures inside my little camera that trying to decide where to even start is a bit mind-boggling. And that doesn’t help.

See, I’ve been busy working. I do that, sometimes. Most of the time, actually, but most of the time I am not so busy. Baby Finn sleeps for at least an hour, and I sometimes blog then. Library Work is usually SLOW, slow, and I can sometimes blog then. But lately I’ve had Baby Finn plus Toddler Miles, which equals Action Packed Fun! (Sometimes. When it’s not busy equalling Time Out).

And at work I’ve had…..projects! Like this:

I made a window display, guys. It turned out even more awesome than I had envisioned it in my minds eye.

Hopefully a week from now I’ll be able to say the same thing about all of the catch-up blogs I will have posted. Cross your fingers.