BRB, Friends

by littlesarahbigworld

So…one time I was in Spain, and I had lots of time to have fun adventure, and then document them and blog about them. It was great. You totally loved it. You checked back often, wanting more.

But then…(then!)…then I dropped of the face of the blogging earth, and you wondered what had happened. And I will tell you: I came home from Spain, had to deal with real life, had to deal with not having internet or a decent laptop.

Right now I’m writing you from a coffee shop (Café on 1st), using my step-mom’s OLD laptop. It’s a PowerBook G4. The battery falls out if you set it down too hard. The charge runs out if you don’t keep it constantly plugged in.


BUT…(but!)…but I am committed to writing every day, Friends, to providing you with interesting anecdotes and unique stories and pretty pictures. I’m working on it, I guess is what I’m saying. In the meantime, enjoy this random picture saved to the Beth’s desktop: