Friday Flings

by littlesarahbigworld

It’s been a weird day, Friends. A weird week, really. I’ve got some heavy shit to talk to you about, but that can wait. Right now I just want to talk about right now:

-It’s 4:41 and I’ve been ready to start drinking for almost an hour now. But I might nap first. Plus I’m waiting til the sun starts to go. I’ve never been a good day drinker. 

-Also I’m waiting to be hungry enough to eat, because eating is my new favorite past-time. 

-Also doing this “Shredmill” workout. Is my new favorite past-time, I mean. It’s not what I’m doing right now. I got all gussied up for a formal thing this morning, and I’m not about to sweat off 45 minutes’ worth of hair and make up. 

-That includes shower time, Friends. I am not so high maintenance.

-Wishing I was feeling more productive/inspired/creative/ambitious.

-But really just wanting to read in bed, maybe tidy up, then drink wine and wait for friends to come to me. 

-Also now I’m eating sun-dried tomato hummus with pecan nut-thins. 

-And one last thing: CONSTANT PRANCING

Happy Friday, Friends!