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Great + Attitude = Gratitude

…sort of. I majored in English, not Math, Friends.

Things I am Grateful for Today:

-Trees in bloom

-My amazing, supportive, and amazingly supportive friends

-My job, and the sunny dispositions of my coworkers


-Daiya Cheese

-The work-out room at work

-Afternoon naps followed by hot chocolate and a quick walk

The Dainty Squid

-Randomly catching a movie for free last night

-Making it to work on time

-New Opportunities

And, for your viewing pleasure, I most humbly present a turtle ballerina, garnished with pond flora:

Easter Sunday

Typically family gatherings overwhelm me, but this year’s Easter celebration was calm, just my immediate family (plus spouses and kids, since we are of that age now) and the grandparents. Kevin and I played bunny with Gramps and hid all the eggs, which the 5- and 9-year olds later deemed to be too easy to find. “The Easter Bunny didn’t do a very good job,” said Rosie in her little lispy voice, to which I responded “Well, it was my first time!” before somebody reminded me that we were supposed to pretend it was the actual Easter Bunny.

Oops. I am not accustomed to lying to children.

Still, it was a nice day. No TV, lots of sunshine, relaxing on the back patio. Mom made some killer vegan mac-n-cheese, which should be making an appearance here shortly. Natalie made asparagus, which is a very Easter vegetable, though I forget exactly why.

And there was no TV, which is nice, and the kids were well-behaved. Later, I had a nap and then went for a long walk through town with Stephanie E. and her boyfriend, to go see the weekly free showing of Mad Men at Brewvies. On the way we saw this:

Then after Mad Men we stayed in the theater, just to see what came on next, and it was THIS.

It was a good Easter.