Sick Day

by littlesarahbigworld

Home from work today. You know the drill–headache, sore throat, runny nose, overall crummy feeling. I’ve been spending the day reading, napping, drinking miso soup, eating popsicles, and watching bad rom-coms about people who think they can just be fuck buddies but inevitably find out that love always prevails.

So…yeah. I feel pretty worthless. This is what happens when I get sick, every time: I’m too sick to really do anything, so I don’t really do anything, but then I feel like shit for having just sat around all day not doing a god-damned thing. I mean, what am I doing with my life, anyways, if I can just waste a day like this? Is watching TV really conducive to healing? Where is my motivation?

It’s pretty much an existential crisis every time.

*       *       *

In other news…I’m about to prep-n-post a shit-ton of photos from South America. You know, to feel useful. So what if I have to be constantly productive in order to affirm my self-worth? It could totally be worse. I could value my self-worth in terms of physical appearance and do crazy shit like not eat for ten days.

Oh. Wait.