Summer Ends

by littlesarahbigworld

Last Sunday I went to a birthday picnic, in woodsy canyon area. A very summery event, indeed, complete with grilling, cocktails in mason jars, chips, dips, and coolers of ice. I wore a light summer dress, it was a good time.

Aaand…I’m ready for summer to be over. Come fall, come crisp air and flaming leaves and soft layers and new expectations.

But more reasonable this time. Remember when I said this was going to be a good summer? I probably spoke to soon. Or, in the exact words I used with Nicole friend, “What happened with this summer is that we got too excited a shot our wad too early.”

Yeah, I talk like that. Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.

Really, though, it felt like we were all so excited, things felt new and hopeful, but then the excitement was over before it’d even begun, and we were all left to feel awkward and embarrassed and wondering if maybe we should try again but knowing it was kind of already too late.

Achievable goals and a scholarly mindset. That’s what Autumn will bring.

Summer ends, Friends. We move on.