I ran a race today

by littlesarahbigworld

I’ve been sick for over a week now–sore throat, swollen glands, achy body, general exhaustion.

I don’t sleep anymore, hardly, averaging 5 hours/night. Even when I try to nap, I can get maybe 10 minutes of actual rest in.

I have a huge raised bruise on my right thigh from slamming into the corner of the bed post at Dad’s house.

I stored my contacts in tap water last night.

But still (still), I ran my favorite 10k this morning.

And kicked so, so much ass.


My first year I averaged a 10-minute mile, my only goal to make it to the end.

Last year I surprised myself by running a 9.5 minute mile, which felt as easy as any long run.

This year my goal was 9 minutes per mile, and in the end, I averaged 8.43.

Made the men in my life proud and myself even prouder. And now I am sick as a dog.