A Fox, A Hen, A Bag of Grain

by littlesarahbigworld

Some days my life feels like a logic problem. Like the one where a farmer needs to get a fox, a hen and a bag of grain across a river, but he can only take one at a time and can never leave the fox alone with the hen or the hen alone with the grain. Because, you know, the food chain.

I go through the same thing, but it usually involves my bike, some laundry. Maybe a suitcase, if I’m house-sitting.

Sunday I rode my bike to the garden, weeded, then rode to Moms’ house to hang out, hug it out, do laundry. Eat their food. But then I got picked up by KillahWatts to go to Wasalaza. To drink and watch Face/Off. Like you do. Of a Sundee.

Then I got a ride home from Sperry, stopping to pick up my laundry. So then we’re left with me and the laundry at my house, but my bike at the Moms’.

Aaand…that’s my life. So Monday I just walked walked walked, to the coffee shop and back (2 miles), then to the library and back (2 more). Then Tuesday I walked to ballet torture, and then on to Moms’ for the ol’ bici.

And I took a bunch of pictures, is the point I’m trying to make.

I’m a little out of order, Friends.

My life is a logic problem, and I solve it with long walks and pictures. And music.