Summer in Retrospect

by littlesarahbigworld

At the height of summer the sun was rising when my alarm woke me at six, light spreading across the valley as I biked to work in shorts and a t-shirt. Then each morning grew a little darker, a little more chill, and I began wearing my hoodie again, shadows chasing me as I sped downhill.

September came, and you could feel Fall on the wind, like a thought whispered, a slight breeze past your ear. The promise of crisp, clean air and burnt colors and crunch. And I was ready.

This week it’s been brisk enough for my hoodie plus a jacket, shoulders clenching up towards my ears and fists tucked tight at my sides as I walk or pedal in near-darkness to work. The extravagance of summer gone, that hot lazy mess of months that had spread out before us like sticky, sweaty thighs on a leather couch now receding in the rear window. Layers upon layers of texture and color ahead of us.

“i am ready for all this. and much more.”

Ready to say one last goodbye, to Summer.

















(Really, though, it’s the beginning, and I have never looked forward so well in my life)