by littlesarahbigworld

Sometimes a thing is so funny to me that once it starts being funny it doesn’t stop being funny. For life.

Like when Robby described his AA meetings as “a bunch of people sitting around smoking like animals.”

Or that New Year’s in Spain where I took a hanger out of the hall closet and hung my coat up in the bathroom.

Or there was this one time, with a bowl of cereal…actually I have never successfully told the cereal story without laughing myself to tears. It is just that funny to me, and usually not at all funny to anyone else.

Sundays I’ve been going to a place called Wasalaza. It’s a warehouse, in sugarhood, by the tracks. Violin makers live there, and I go there of a Sundee to relax and be silly. Usually drinking. Usually smoking.

And once I was so faded I drank a glass of hot tap water. I wanted a glass of water, and when it poured hot from the tap I just, you know, accepted that.

Then I talked and giggled with Espy and Sperry about things so lewd they made the boys blush.

Funny for life. Happy Sunday.