Keeping My Promises

by littlesarahbigworld

Found my list of Summer Goals, from way back in May, when I had high hopes and thought, as we always do, that I’d make more time somehow.

Six things:

-read more, less TV

-get a land line, no more cell phone

-become a better photographer

-learn to sew

-start new blogs (and then I list them, which I won’t do here)

-go for more walks

I’m 3 for 6, if we’re being strict, because (1) I almost never watch TV anymore, but I will leave a party to come home to a good book. (2) I think my photos have become better, or at least I take more pride in them, and tonight I got a new camera to play around with.

The land-line -vs- cell phone debate rages on, but I leave it behind more often–in my purse, my locker, on the bed, while I am out and about, living my life, unable to be reached at the moment, thank you.

Didn’t learn to sew yet, but even on the original list I’ve penciled in “Fall?” Sewing lessons demand cold weather, in my opinion, and female elders of the clan. I’ve already set this plan in motion.

I’m not gonna comment on the new blogs. It’s my asignatura pendiente.

Ah, but the walks. If nothing else, I have learned to walk and walk and walk, rocking my thoughts back and forth in my head like they were worthy of time and care, of nurture and nourishment.

And if I could go back in time to add something to the list that I’ve already completed in order to cross it off (haven’t we all done that?), I would put down the one goal I didn’t even remember I had until it sprang forth from me like a living fire, an undeniable truth:

-write more