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Month: October, 2012


An empty cigarette pack in the garbage can under the kitchen sink.

Half drunk glasses of water, mugs of instant coffee.

A black phone charger, snaking lazily out of my laptop on the desk.

Soft gray sneakers under the coffee table.

Your clothes, and your scent, draped over the couch arm, where you must have left them this morning: “…designedly dropped, bearing the owner’s name someway in the corners” (Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself”).

*       *       *

And all this, for me, this small collection, is a series of reminders, saying:

You are real.

Kitchen Time

I have been working so much, Friends. Too much. Too much work, too much play, not enough Sarah Time, which (honestly) tends to just be Kitchen Time.

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Birthday Baby

Remember when I was on about what would it even be like to have a springtime birthday? Turns out an Autumn birthday is pretty rad, too–costumes and all.

All apples and twigs, brown paper and cornbread with chilli. A crisp, sunny day in the park.

Plus owls and monsters (can’t forget the owls and monsters).

*       *       *

Happy birthday, Oliver. Today you are the main character.




Trading one skyline for another…

…is a thing I could get used to.

The view is pretty spectacular, either way.

This Happened:

A hike happened, with 9 different ladies and only 1 common-denominator friend, thrown loosely together, after work on a Tuesday.

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Like I Was Saying…

…blue and yellow, Friends. Guess I’m having a small Autumnal nesting moment. I’ve finally hung up my posters, am working on getting my very best pictures framed, and I bought a spice rack and a new nap blanket.
Special guests require special care and attention, Friends. They inspire motivation.

On a related note: turns out everything you buy from Etsy comes wrapped in impossibly cute and thoughtful packaging, with little touches like hand-written notes and vintage playing cards. It is the most dangerous thing.