Further Gratitude

by littlesarahbigworld


Senseless and Full of Meaning

Also on Thanksgiving I took a cab ride, after saying “So am I just not allowed to drive drunk anymore?”

And in the cab we played ukelele

Also on Thanksgiving I drank too much and got sick, after saying “I’m so drunk right now!” with a big big grin

And in the bathroom there were stairs up to the toilet

Also on Thanksgiving I appreciated the small things, the ridiculous and nonsensical, after spending years terrified of absurdity

As though a lack of order and sense precluded the presence of beauty and wonder

Or as though all the pieces needed to fit neatly into place for me to see the whole picture

When, really, things go out of order, but they go on

And in the meantime, there is laughter, and love, and whatever purpose we ascribe to the task at hand

In the meantime, there is life to be lead, ridiculous though it may seem at times