A Long Day

by littlesarahbigworld


Coping with a Camera

I didn't even let running late stop me from documentation--such is my devotion

A week ago I worked a double: 6am to 6pm with only an hour’s break for lunch (and/or napping) in between.

I know this is a thing that many people do, all the time, no big deal. But for me, working so much takes an instant toll. Knowing myself better means recognizing that if I spend too much of my time giving it up for the man, then I will hate myself, and life, and everyone’s stupid face.

But balancing 3 part-time jobs is tricky, and I found myself staring down a long, hard day in the cold, grey heart of winter. Kind of a bummer.

Except that…I’m trying to complain less. To be more grateful. To deal, and to remember that this, too, shall pass. Which is why I turned a bummer of a day into a self-assigned photo journal project. Hurrah for me, and even if I’m the only one cheering, it’s good to be cheerful. Here you go:

and possibly crooked

Walking to work at 6:20 in the morning


Dave laughed at me for photographing this, but I cared not one whit

Rinsing berries for a smoothie

I often pretend that I live in Sweden while standing at this window

Watching the city wake up


also preciousness

Enjoying my new coworker’s company


Also studying

Napping in the library staff room during my lunch hour


because I paid not

TRAX-ing home in my bad-ass boots


always a happy feeling

Rounding the corner onto my street


lights on = Chad's there!



And there you have it–little sarah, long day, big whoop, and all’s okay.