Friday Funnies: Where Utah Isn’t

by littlesarahbigworld


I have misled so many people, Friends. SLASH, I don’t know where Utah is. I just don’t. I just can’t ever remember. The photo above is actually an improvement. I spent an entire summer in Spain cupping my left palm and saying, “This is California, this is Nevada [nestled into it], and this is Utah,” I said, placing the state, like an imaginary building block, right above Nevada.

THAT’S NOT WHERE UTAH IS, FRIENDS. It’s just not. And I told so, so many Europeans that it was. Then I went home, where loved ones kindly corrected/informed me (after much laughter) as to Utah’s true whereabouts.

Then a little over a year later I moved to Spain and FUCKING WENT BACK TO DOING THE SAME THING. I just forgot. I just forgot Geography. And misinformed another wide swath of Mediterraneans.

Again, I was corrected. Again, laughter. And yet…what you see above is only a few weeks old, drawn proudly to illustrate my humble beginnings for a group of eight 6th-grade girls at an English camp. I sent the photo to Chad with the caption “I finally figured out where Utah is!”

Not joking, Friends. Just not even joking.

*       *      *

The point is: I DO finally know where Utah is! Look:


Today at Canadian International School. Did I immediately google “US map” after drawing this for a 9th-grader, just to double-check?

Yes, yes I did.

Did I draw Wyoming thinking, as I always do, “WHY, Oming? Why are you taking a bite out of Utah?” because my Whitney friend shared that little mnemonic device with me when we were, I don’t know, eleven?

Indeed. Happy Friday.