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The View from Today

Judge Not

Lunch was tahini on cracker bread with tuna. Plus apples, which I added about halfway through.

Before that was housework, and writing, and the internet. After was more of the same, plus a walk.

Enter Exit Mouth

There was a long-distance phone call, and linguistic explorations, frozen grapes and home-made ice cream.

Laundry, blogging, music, and dinner for two.

*       *       *

Took the IUD out; took the edge off. Now my Mondays are Mondays, and I’m fine with that.


Chad says girly, but I disagree

We bought new bedding, or I did, from Ikea. After much anticipation and more research than could ever be necessary.

I bought candles, too, in shades of turquoise. Coconut scented, and I bought three small succulents, in little tiny tins.

Sense of Place(ment)

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