Visionary Blues

by littlesarahbigworld


“Old Habits Die Hard, But Beautifully”

Vision Board

I made a vision board today, something I’ve been putting off for months. See, I brought with me all these personal paper trinkets from home–photos and poems and horoscopes (oh my!)–with the intention of creating something beautiful and inspiring, a third sweet sister to my Anti-Homesickness Mural in Spain and my Anti-Anxiety Mural in Salt Lake. I thought I would be productive, creative, prolific. That I would wake up and seize the day.

I had a lot of good intentions, Friends.

Then some things happened. Some Life, some feelings (mostly a lot of feelings).

Because I also brought with me a lot of emotional baggage, a lot of insecurity and doubt, and a healthy dose of bad habits. Like wanting to do things perfectly, or not at all. Like thinking that I can’t work on creative projects unless I’m in the right mood. Poor time management, lack of focus, and a fear of committing to anything but the past.

(I’ve been thinking a lot lately, Friends, and making a lot of changes.)

So today, I chose my own mood. I decided to tackle projects, even if I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out. Just start. Just try. Just do my best, as I’m able.

(Like how lately, I’ve been writing, even if it’s not good, even if I don’t know what it will amount to. I’ve been blogging, even if I’m a bit out-of-order and discombobulated.)

Just to get to work, on something, and with a can-do attitude, seems the best approach.

So I guess, in this case, the vision came before the vision board.

I like how it’s turned out.