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I’ve never had a nickname. When I was little, I was known as Sarah Bunny, but that was within my family. More of a pet name.

Lately a few people have started calling me by my last name, which is awesome. Makes me feel special to them. But it still doesn’t fill my lifelong desire to have a proper nickname. Something born of shared experience and friendship.

I went to brunch at Deedee’s house on Sunday. Deedee is not her real name, it’s Edith. And, I mean, how frickin’ cool is that?

I just want the same thing. That’s all.

Shit Girls Say…and Do


Oh What a Night

One great–and probably unanticipated–benefit of smart phones is that you can wake up after a raucous ladies’ night and quickly scroll through your browser’s history to re-live the night before, remind yourself what the topics of conversation were.

Ours included: “hot Neville Longbottom” and “expectorating”.

Also there are leftover drawings of boobs, with both innie and outtie nipples, and a picture of a house (because those two things are related?) on the reverse side of my little sister’s body parts coloring sheet. Yeah.

*       *       *

What I’m saying is that, while girls do say some silly, endearing things, we talk about so much more. More than you could ever guess. Things that would make you blush. Or giggle. Or cry. Or sometimes all of the above.

We tend to drink while this is happening. And eat. Sometimes a sit-down dinner, sometimes a potluck, and sometimes an epic snack-fest. Also sometimes all of the above, as pictured above.

Then in the morning we make breakfast together, and check our browsing history. And laugh.

Then repeat.