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Life’s a Trip


“I could go forever with a car, the open road, good music, and good company”

Looking up in Rip Van Winkle Park

Do you remember when you said that if all we had was a bed and music, we could have an amazing time?

Café Lumiere, I believe

But we also have coffee–sometimes fancy (with maximum adjectives), sometimes simple (black). Sometimes instant, after a nap or with our sunlight closet kitchen breakfasts.

The Russian Way

And we have amazing friends, from all over the world. Friends who make us P-shaped sofa beds to sleep on after arriving in the middle of the night–post-party–after 13 hours of driving. Friends who make speeches, or take us to a private beach, or get us tipsy on champagne on a sunny winter’s afternoon.

Now with more regular sustenance

We have words, too, and crosswords, and we divide and conquer, for maximum fun. We have a new-found sense of comfort around each other, so that just as the faint worry forms itself in my mind (“What if we just sit here and eat in silence like all the saddest couples?”), it is obliterated by how utterly easy it is to be around you.

you coo lay leigh

We have a ukulele! We lose entire mornings to it, burn through lazy afternoons and surprise each other with our sweet-yet-simple, earnest efforts to plunk out a tune. So we do have music, but now we make music, too.

P, B, and J

We have snacks for days, and sometimes we have meals. We cook together, and sometimes we say “Fuck it,” and get take-out, and it feels like the most fun, the most giddy and indulgent thing. It feels like milk and cookies with a friend after school. It feels like a sleepover. Like no parents no rules.

sunny slopes in Pacific Grove

And we have sunshine. We have sunshine in our hearts, and warming our scalps, and electrifying our pulses, and we have it in the kitchen, and coming in through the wintery west windows, and in the middle of December. We have easy sunsets on the conversation-fueled charges from Utah to California and back, and we have a steady, stealthy sunrise as we pull into the City of Salt, 8am, 13 hours weary but ready to keep going.

We do a loop around the valley. We arrive back home exhausted, thrilled, enamored.

*       *       *

So yes, music and a bed would be enough. But we have so, so much more.

Scenes from a Coffee Shop





Early mornings, watching the city wake up with the sun outside and the busying street. Hot, black coffee. Regulars, like Art, who always gets a glass mug, a palmier, a refill, and tips at the end.

Chatting with the bakers, filling orders, grinding beans. Coffee dust everywhere, perfuming my hair and clothes for hours afterwards.

The hiss and purr of steaming milks, delicate dripping filling huge pots of coffee, and light crunch of flaky pastries. Clinking plates and silverware.

*       *       *

It is not my dream job, not my life’s work, but it is a satisfying way to pass the time.

Museum Day


Just Another Young Couple in Madrid

Here’s what life would be like if you were a young couple in Madrid, on a Tuesday, during Christmas vacation:

You’d wake up late after staying up Monday night to watch The Truman Show. Then you’d eat Müesli with soy milk and do some laundry. After that you’d walk through the park on your way to get coffee.

Your favorite place to get coffee would be [h]arina, because it’s the only place besides Starbucks that has soy milk, and the aesthetic is pleasing, and the food is amazing. Also there are cookies. But today you’d avoid the cookies, after so much Navidad indulgence.

Then you’d head over to your favorite museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza, to check out the temporary impressionist exhibition, “Berthe Morisot: The Woman Impressionist.”

But you’d sneak a peek at the rest of the collection, while you’re at it.

After that, feeling peckish, you’d go to a nearby tapas bar for a bite to eat and a glass of vermouth, a Madrileño specialty!

You’d remember that you don’t really like vermouth. But the tapas would be pretty and satisfying.

You’d finish off your grand outing with a visit to the train station to see the turtles and buy tickets for tomorrow’s day-trip to Segovia.

Then I guess you’d go to the grocery store to pick up wine, cereal, and chocolate, go home, work on your blog while nibbling chocolate squares, make stir-fry for dinner, drink some wine, eat more chocolate, have a good talk, and then go to bed.

Just like any other couple, I suppose.