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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…


The Important Thing is to Try?

Hey, remember this? Remember how excited I was? Remember how normally I’m very productive? Yes, well…photo-a-day turning into photos-here-and-there-as-I-remember. Ah, well…that’s life, right?

Because some days I wouldn’t remember until bedtime, and other days I just wasn’t inspired, or didn’t feel that I’d come across a suitable subject for the day’s chosen prompt. And I didn’t want things to be TOO staged, you know?

Anyways, here are the results of my well-intentioned but imperfectly-executed March Photo-a-Day Challenge. Enjoy.

March 1st – “Up”

March 2nd – “Fruit”

March 3rd – “Your Neighbourhood”

I missed this one, but here’s a fun fact: spell-check just tried to correct my spelling of neighborhood, but that is how Fat Mum Slim spelled it! It’s legit! It’s Australian!

March 4th – “Bedside”

March 5th – “A Smile”

March 6th – “5 pm”

March 7th – “Something You Wore”

March 8th – “Window” (couldn’t decide, so there are two of these)

March 9th – “Red”

March 10th – “Loud”

March 11th – “Someone You Talked to Today”

March 12th – “Fork”

March 13th – “A Sign”

March 14th – “Clouds”

March 15th – “Car”


March 16th – “Sunglasses”


March 17th – “Green”

March 18th – “A Corner of Your Home”

Not this, either. In my defense, this was a weekend.

March 19th – “Funny”

March 20th – “Before/After”

March 21st – “Delicious”

March 22nd – “Kitchen Sink”

March 23rd – “Moon”

March 24th – “An Animal”

March 25th – “Breakfast”

March 26th – “Key”

March 27th – “Your Name”

March 28th through 31st – “Trash,” “Feet,” “Toy,” and “Where You Relax”

Guess I didn’t quite make it. Don’t let that fool you, though, Friends! I really enjoyed this. Fat Mum Slim does this every month, so why not give it a try? Maybe you’ll be more successful than I was.

~The End~

Group Projects


Why I’m Glad to be Graduated

Man, what is it with professors these days and group projects? I think we can all agree that they are the worst, yet they seem to be ever gaining in popularity. So while I graduated college in 2009 and did I think two group projects, my boyfriend who graduated in 2011 did more like two per class per semester, and my friends who are still in school seem to do nothing but.

Seriously. Seriously, nobody likes these. Everyone dreads them. They do not prepare you in any way for “real life,” (whatever THAT is…). I mean, I work sometimes in teams or on committees at work, and I’ve planned social events as a group (potlucks, movie nights, camping trips, etc.), but it is just not the same AT ALL. Because everyone wants to be participating and tends to volunteer for whatever they’re best at, and you don’t ever have to present about it afterward.

I dunno, maybe it’s just the writer in me that prefers to work solo.

…OR maybe it’s that there are better, more natural, less torturous ways for people to work together towards a common goal. Like this:

Collaboration, Friends! Of the best sort! The bloggy, photogy sort! Just take a photo each day in response to the little prompt, and then share as you see fit! Care to join me? I promise that your grade will not be affected by my performance! Exclamation points!!!

I’m going to wait until the end of the month to share my photos, but consider this a sneak peak–all the photos in this post (except for the one I lifted from are my rejects up until this point. They just didn’t make the cut. Try and guess which photos correspond to which prompts! Then get into groups of four to six and discuss your opinions! Then write a 3-page response essay together and present it for 5 minutes in front of the class!

No? You don’t want to do that? You can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to do that? Because it sounds painfully pointless and frustrating and inefficient? You’d rather be judged on the merits of your own work or collaborate only with others who you know share your same passion and drive and goals?

You don’t say!

My Life in Pictures

Not too long ago, on a rainy night, I found a camera lying on the sidewalk, just outside the bar where Fauna was about to play. I didn’t want anyone to come along and steal the wayward little guy, so I pocketed it. Which I guess means I stole it.

Wanting very much to return it to its rightful owner and not be a thieving thief, I began looking through the pictures saved to the memory card. Which I guess means I’m nosy. BUT guess what, Friends? I recognized a certain dashing young gentleman from the pictures as my friend and former co-worker Patrick! What? YES. I texted him to confirm. Yup, Patrick’s camera, that I saved (not stole) from the rain-slick sidewalk.

And Patrick, being the creative gent that he is, suggested that I take some pictures my own self before giving it back to him. Done. Another person’s life, in 10 pictures or less.

This makes me want to do a project. This makes me want to mail disposable cameras to people who will use them up and mail them back. Then I’ll develop them and see the world through someone else’s eyes. I’m sure the whole thing could be done digitally, but that’s much less romantic, isn’t it?

So. Email me your mailing address at littlesarahbigworld [at] hotmail [dot] com. Let’s do this, Friends. Let’s get real.