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I Am a Big Girl

So I can:

-have popcorn and dried fruit for dinner

-with a side of wine

-okay, many sides of wine

I can:

-spend a night by myself, and it will be okay

(it does not mean I’m undesirable)

-dance by myself

-and it is not pathetic

-it is just dancing

It is a release.

I’m Back!

K, so maybe we actually got back Friday night, and I just haven’t posted a damned thing. And I have so much to post! Here, a list about it:

-on the road (Rock Springs, Wyoming AND Laramie?!? What WHAT?)

-cabin eats (mmm…bacon…)

-mountain vengeance (I shot a gun, friends! And liked it!)

-lazy days, long walks, and wild flowers

Hey, speaking of lists…remember my other blog? I don’t, most of the time. But I’ve got some collaborative ideas in the works. Stay tuned for that, friends. Also for the afore-mentioned posts. I’ll try to get one up tonight, but my time is being re-devoted to practicing stringed instruments, and also I have to read, like, AN ENTIRE BOOK IN SPANISH by tomorrow evening. Ah, lack of foresight…

Oh, and July is over. This means school people are getting ready to head back to school. And Kevin is leaving for Spain in less than two months. But let’s not think about that now. Let’s remember the good times, and the patriotism.


Many, many thanks to Ms. Whitney. That was awesome. That blog about Korea, I mean. I want more already.



Also thanks to Rachel Getts, Librarienne Extraordinaire, who came to my party and took both of these pictures.

Best Tourist

This is how I spent my Sunday:

-woke up early-ish (9:30), drank coffee and ate cookies, checked my e-mail and blog (so many readers lately!!!)

-went for a long, slow run–down to the big park across the Cher river (Le Bergeonnerie), around the lake, and then back–while listening to Bach’s cello suites (Yo Yo Ma), Feist, and Dr. Dog

-got ready and then grabbed a quick-ish 5€ lunch at “Place du Monstre” (Place de la Gran Marché)

-met up with my house-mate Elizabeth and a friend of hers at the Musée des Beaux Arts. First Sunday of the month is free!

[The art wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea–I’m more of a modern girl–but the museum itself is really beautiful, as well as the surrounding grounds/garden]

-browsed the flea market, bought something small for someone special, as well as a book in French (Vol de Nuit by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

-rested at a nearby café/patisserie with tea and pain au chocolate (¡viva la merienda!), admired my purchases, and wrote in my journal

-after that, I headed over to Studio Cinémas, where they show movies in version originale (not dubbed)–to see Minuit à Pairs (Midnight in Paris), the most recent Woody Allen film. It was fanciful, beautiful, and funny. I love Woody Allen films. Get over it.

And to finish the day off: dinner with la famille followed by an amazing practice session (more bach cello suites *smile*) and then a bit of blogging.

This is what I’ve been talking about. This is what I  like to do abroad–the same things I would do at home, for the most part.

This is how I travel.

A Brief Tour of Tours

First day of class, which involved no class at all. Instead, a brief oral exam (“It is said that to learn a new language is to learn a new culture. Do you agree?” I did not.), juice and cookies, then an introductory lecture and presentation of the various optional excursions.

Then a walking tour of the city:

The Loire River


Down by the Guinguette

Beaucoup des étudiants

J'ai déjà oublié comment s'appelle ça

La cathédrale

And then lunch, with new friends and everything! (I thought I’d be tout suel here, like I was most of the time in Oviedo, but it looks like there will be socializing).

Then we walked around, buying things and speaking in broken french entre nous (I’m not the only dork!).

Lots of firsts: first day of class, first purchases, first nap since arrival (but only 30 minutes–gotta beat that jetlag), first run in France/first time running outdoors in MONTHS. Then Dinner with “La Famille.” Now I’m going to practice and then go to bed. Super productive, je sais.

Hello, World!

Figured out how to post from Not-My-Own-Computer. Drinking coffee (though I ought not…), getting excited for France, not even minding the rain so much. Making new friends lately, and life is not bad. Life is life.

Consider Yourself Warned

So…my laptop is in the shop, which is inconvenient in a number of ways, and this is also the reason for the lapse in my Incredible Posting Streak. I’m hoping to have it back next week sometime, and I’ll TRY to post some new stuff in the meantime (though not sure how I’ll get pictures up…).

And then (then!), I’m going to France. And that will probably pose a whole set of new problems. Mais je suis capable.

Further Proof

…that I am lightening up 🙂

Though still rigid enough to turn it into a list, which is why it’s on the other blog.

Unusual Weather Patterns

April showers bring May flowers,

But here we are, in May, still rainy and gray.

(Except today!)

Today was rainy and green, with little hints of sunshine peeking through. I can assure you this is a-typical weather for Utah.

(Also: have you noticed how good I’ve been about posting to one or the other of my blogs nearly every day? I have.)