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City Mice and the Country Mouse

Last Sunday we took a field trip up to Garland, Utah–Bonnie Friend’s hometown.

She grew up on a farm, with horses, sheep, farm cats and apple trees.

We dreamed of petting barnyard animals.

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Museum Day


Just Another Young Couple in Madrid

Here’s what life would be like if you were a young couple in Madrid, on a Tuesday, during Christmas vacation:

You’d wake up late after staying up Monday night to watch The Truman Show. Then you’d eat Müesli with soy milk and do some laundry. After that you’d walk through the park on your way to get coffee.

Your favorite place to get coffee would be [h]arina, because it’s the only place besides Starbucks that has soy milk, and the aesthetic is pleasing, and the food is amazing. Also there are cookies. But today you’d avoid the cookies, after so much Navidad indulgence.

Then you’d head over to your favorite museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza, to check out the temporary impressionist exhibition, “Berthe Morisot: The Woman Impressionist.”

But you’d sneak a peek at the rest of the collection, while you’re at it.

After that, feeling peckish, you’d go to a nearby tapas bar for a bite to eat and a glass of vermouth, a Madrileño specialty!

You’d remember that you don’t really like vermouth. But the tapas would be pretty and satisfying.

You’d finish off your grand outing with a visit to the train station to see the turtles and buy tickets for tomorrow’s day-trip to Segovia.

Then I guess you’d go to the grocery store to pick up wine, cereal, and chocolate, go home, work on your blog while nibbling chocolate squares, make stir-fry for dinner, drink some wine, eat more chocolate, have a good talk, and then go to bed.

Just like any other couple, I suppose.

Dim, Damp, Cold, Curious

Voilà: The wine caves in Vouvray

(Are we still scrolling over the pictures to see the words, friends? I sure hope so!)

Also, I nearly forgot to mention: Last week littlesarahBigWorld hit an all-time high number of views–91 in one day. So thank you.