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Talkin Bout My (Parents’) Generation

Free Flow Post

A day of letter writing and correspondences.


Apple slices, green tea, reading in a tub for two, and paper cranes for the Autumn Altar.

Hallowings II

Things said, things done, things felt…

…and Cat Stevens.

A Working Holiday


There are parts of my job that are fun and I really enjoy. Then there are parts that I tolerate and are really stressful.

Friday night was both.

Then Saturday I went for a crazy person’s late-night run.

I have not been a great Halloween participant this year.

The Modern Dancers Will Love This

Sometimes I condense my life down to a single gesture, like a Christian drawing his half moon in the sand, the subtle arch of a foot–now sickle, now bevel– which stands for a whole life and a world of beliefs and fears.

Except that mine tends to be a shrug of the shoulders, or a sigh without relief.

For a while I offered the universe my scrunched face, meaning I wasn’t sure. Meaning I didn’t know, but would try anyways, because Maybe.

Tonight I throw up my hands like goal posts, shoulders lowered, no combat here. I give it up.

And if you want to extend that gesture, the way a balloon released floats until it is a speck, until it bursts against the atmosphere, or the way the sun’s rays stretch through years to reach us gently here on Earth, where we sweat and fret and bemoan the heat, then you can picture my raised arms extending, up and up, my head tilted back, mouth open, where my silver-soft soul escapes my dry rough red lips, screaming silently and with a calm and strong gesture my hands go up, my chest lifts and head back and I crucify myself, pounding through the cemetery in the dead of night, while crowds gather in stadiums and I can hear them and fear them, but I am among the deceased and I am breathing. Steady, ready, hard.

*       *       *

Oh, and Happy Halloween.