The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…


The Important Thing is to Try?

Hey, remember this? Remember how excited I was? Remember how normally I’m very productive? Yes, well…photo-a-day turning into photos-here-and-there-as-I-remember. Ah, well…that’s life, right?

Because some days I wouldn’t remember until bedtime, and other days I just wasn’t inspired, or didn’t feel that I’d come across a suitable subject for the day’s chosen prompt. And I didn’t want things to be TOO staged, you know?

Anyways, here are the results of my well-intentioned but imperfectly-executed March Photo-a-Day Challenge. Enjoy.

March 1st – “Up”

March 2nd – “Fruit”

March 3rd – “Your Neighbourhood”

I missed this one, but here’s a fun fact: spell-check just tried to correct my spelling of neighborhood, but that is how Fat Mum Slim spelled it! It’s legit! It’s Australian!

March 4th – “Bedside”

March 5th – “A Smile”

March 6th – “5 pm”

March 7th – “Something You Wore”

March 8th – “Window” (couldn’t decide, so there are two of these)

March 9th – “Red”

March 10th – “Loud”

March 11th – “Someone You Talked to Today”

March 12th – “Fork”

March 13th – “A Sign”

March 14th – “Clouds”

March 15th – “Car”


March 16th – “Sunglasses”


March 17th – “Green”

March 18th – “A Corner of Your Home”

Not this, either. In my defense, this was a weekend.

March 19th – “Funny”

March 20th – “Before/After”

March 21st – “Delicious”

March 22nd – “Kitchen Sink”

March 23rd – “Moon”

March 24th – “An Animal”

March 25th – “Breakfast”

March 26th – “Key”

March 27th – “Your Name”

March 28th through 31st – “Trash,” “Feet,” “Toy,” and “Where You Relax”

Guess I didn’t quite make it. Don’t let that fool you, though, Friends! I really enjoyed this. Fat Mum Slim does this every month, so why not give it a try? Maybe you’ll be more successful than I was.

~The End~