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Daily Grind¬© – Now With Peanuts!

I have been absent from you, my friends. I have not had time to write. I’m still a-documentin’ as ever, and I now have so many back-logged pictures inside my little camera that trying to decide where to even start is a bit mind-boggling. And that doesn’t help.

See, I’ve been busy working. I do that, sometimes. Most of the time, actually, but most of the time I am not so busy. Baby Finn sleeps for at least an hour, and I sometimes blog then. Library Work is usually SLOW, slow, and I can sometimes blog then. But lately I’ve had Baby Finn plus Toddler Miles, which equals Action Packed Fun! (Sometimes. When it’s not busy equalling Time Out).

And at work I’ve had…..projects! Like this:

I made a window display, guys. It turned out even more awesome than I had envisioned it in my minds eye.

Hopefully a week from now I’ll be able to say the same thing about all of the catch-up blogs I will have posted. Cross your fingers.

Fractured Weekend

There was a lot of good this weekend. A lot of bad. Really, just…a lot. I forgot to mention that on Friday’s walk we saw a bunny AND a beehive. Can’t beat that.

Saw the new Harry Potter. Played a show with my band. Moved out of B & J’s and back into my apartment, this time with Kevin.

And it’s nice to be home, but it’s stressful, all this shifting around. We didn’t have any non-flannel sheets. We bought a new comforter; I already hate it (Mom called it when she said I have chronic buyer’s remorse). We’ve both had to downsize from four dresser drawers to two. But I will adjust, I will adjust. I have to, right?

[Also there is the part where I forgot for no good reason that I was supposed to baby-sit for the family I nanny for tonight. I just stood them up, out of absent-mindedness. And the part where I inadvertently offended a vegan friend/colleague and felt like a complete dick.]

But my sock and underwear drawer is looking pretty tidy.

Small victories, Sarah. Small victories.

A Day at the Office

This is what I do for work, most mornings, Monday through Thursday:

(Scroll over! Scroll over!)




So I should probably stop my bitching. I am a lucky girl.

Good morning!

FIRST: Woke up early with a volatile stomach (too much going-away-party-ing) and drove to Moms’ to give Mom the car back/drive her to work. Ate Cliff bars and MiniWheats with Rosie, while talking Disney movies and inventing “pattern names” (hers: Lavender Fuchsia Lavender Fuchsia, mine: Red Rose Red Rose). Gossiped with Mom in the car while she put on make-up. Back home by 7:15 and back into bed with Kevin, warm and safe.

THEN: Slept an hour before up-and-atem (for reals this time), 15 minutes to get ready and then ride my bike to catch the bus. Today it was an older, skinny man, a middle-aged, big-bellied man and a polite dowdy woman talking about their experiences “in the service,” dealing with PTSD and how it will always be a part of them. (The other day it was a tattooed hispanic man in his forties and a young skinhead exchanging prison stories. I love this bus route).

NOW: Baby’s sleeping, and I am reading my at-work, non-fiction read (The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande–liked by Malcolm Gladwell and in that same vein), sipping soy cocoa and munching buttered toast.

~ Not quite ten am and I am grateful for what I have ~

Hello, World!

Figured out how to post from Not-My-Own-Computer. Drinking coffee (though I ought not…), getting excited for France, not even minding the rain so much. Making new friends lately, and life is not bad. Life is life.

A Day at the Office

I like my coworker.

Today he napped for two and a half hours, during which I snacked, read, and also napped. All while getting paid.

Life isn’t perfect, but it’s good.

Sidewalk Chalk / Street Art

Somebody in Salt Lake is awesome. Somebodies? Whoever is behind this:

First Avenue and H Street

(“No, the girl played host to a symphony of want. She was a fever.”)

I came across this (THIS!) on the corner near my place, coming home from the laundromat. A little delight, and I especially liked how the creator(s) had used the sidewalk’s engraved street name.

But then (THEN!), out for a walk with Finny the Baby, there were more! This time clear on the other end of the Avenues. A veritable treasure hunt, and I will share it with you.

1st Avenue and T Street

3rd Avenue and T Street

(“Rachel drove recklessly, the windows were rolled down. Sylvie licked her lips and tasted dust.”)

3rd Avenue and S Street

(“It was summer solstice, the longest light. They would sleep at the jetty.”)

3rd Avenue and R Street

(“They passed rusted out mining equipment, rocks painted with aliens.”)

(Meta, right?)

1st Avenue and R Street

I wonder if they were supposed to be telling a story? I’ve seen some while out walking since, and one even had an arrow, like maybe that was the starting point, but I prefer to savor them at random.

Cemetery Stroll

…with Finn, the baby. He loves going out in the stroller, cooing and singing the whole time, but not interested in interaction. In a reverie all his own, I suppose. As am I.

Salt Lake Monument & The Salt Lake City Cemetery:

There’s something so serene about a graveyard, once you get past the whole Death thing.

Or maybe because of it.


There’s a tunnel that crosses under South Temple, connecting a grade school to its playground across the street. I use it to get to work most days.

As I enter (from either direction), it reminds me:


Back to being a nanny.