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What I See / What I Say

Sunday in the Park, Hanamigawa

I say too much, and it’s not all that great.

Like saying, “more to come,” promising to catch up, write more regularly. Then I don’t. The last few months have been a string of good intentions that amount to…

Bright Things, Green Things

I’ve thought about not even addressing it, not wanting to reveal my true colors to potential new readers. Publicly admitting: I have a tendency to promise updates that grow heavy with a sense of obligation and then never bear fruit.

I will tell you: I have been writing, and studying. Trying to write not more, but better, while at the same time trying to carve out consistency. So pieces and posts come together more slowly, but with intention. With purpose, and meaning.

Words in Pictures

Let’s call it “trimming the fat,” and in the meantime I will satisfy your craving (that one I have, too) for beautiful pictures, simple words, something small. Something nice to hold on to.

Clover Again

Then you’ll know: when I do write, I have something to say. Otherwise, I’ll just show you. I’ll share parks and shrines and fascinating insects. Street signs and wet grass and skyscrapers and snacks.

Joro Gumo "Wood Spider"

For now, as needed, my lips are sealed.

But my lens is wide, wide open.






A Breath of Fresh Air

Chad and Sarah = Jack and Rose

Sometimes I can’t go straight from things being broken to things being fixed, because I need to make a rest-stop in a place where things are okay. Like a waiting period between identifying the problem and tackling it.

I remember a camping trip, age 19, summer after freshman year of college. I had taken ecstasy for the first time (heavily cut with speed) and spent a wild night talking and emoting at full blast with my best-friend and roommate in the front seats of my boyfriend’s parent’s Subaru. Despite what I’d heard about gnarly emotional come-downs, the next morning I mostly felt tired and newly opened, or pleasantly vulnerable. I got dropped off back at my Mom’s place, where my older sisters were bustling about, cooking and gossiping with Mom, taking care of baby Bashy. The air seemed abuzz with a sort of hectic femininity, with childcare and recipes and house work and strong female bonds. I felt so susceptible to all that womanly grace, and also very overwhelmed.

Because…how could I ever express to my mother and sisters what they meant to me, and how much I admired and needed them? How could I gracefully make the transition from sullen, solitary teenage angst to warm, giving, jovial womanhood? Most importantly, how could I share this new-found love and appreciation without revealing the fact that I’d taken illegal, mind-altering substances the night before?

Ha! Then I remembered I didn’t have to do it all at once. That I didn’t need to make any grand proclamations or sudden life-altering turns to affect the change I wished to see in my life. I could do it little by little. I could start by just being there, spending quality time with my beloved female family. So I sat down on the bed where Natalie was changing Bashie’s diaper, and we talked.

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Keeping My Promises

Found my list of Summer Goals, from way back in May, when I had high hopes and thought, as we always do, that I’d make more time somehow.

Six things:

-read more, less TV

-get a land line, no more cell phone

-become a better photographer

-learn to sew

-start new blogs (and then I list them, which I won’t do here)

-go for more walks

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Rain Magic


Why I Never Use Flash


I do not own a very fancy camera. (Yet). And I almost never use flash, because it changes the photo entirely, and I don’t like the result.

Except for this time. This time I like the result just fine.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…


The Important Thing is to Try?

Hey, remember this? Remember how excited I was? Remember how normally I’m very productive? Yes, well…photo-a-day turning into photos-here-and-there-as-I-remember. Ah, well…that’s life, right?

Because some days I wouldn’t remember until bedtime, and other days I just wasn’t inspired, or didn’t feel that I’d come across a suitable subject for the day’s chosen prompt. And I didn’t want things to be TOO staged, you know?

Anyways, here are the results of my well-intentioned but imperfectly-executed March Photo-a-Day Challenge. Enjoy.

March 1st – “Up”

March 2nd – “Fruit”

March 3rd – “Your Neighbourhood”

I missed this one, but here’s a fun fact: spell-check just tried to correct my spelling of neighborhood, but that is how Fat Mum Slim spelled it! It’s legit! It’s Australian!

March 4th – “Bedside”

March 5th – “A Smile”

March 6th – “5 pm”

March 7th – “Something You Wore”

March 8th – “Window” (couldn’t decide, so there are two of these)

March 9th – “Red”

March 10th – “Loud”

March 11th – “Someone You Talked to Today”

March 12th – “Fork”

March 13th – “A Sign”

March 14th – “Clouds”

March 15th – “Car”


March 16th – “Sunglasses”


March 17th – “Green”

March 18th – “A Corner of Your Home”

Not this, either. In my defense, this was a weekend.

March 19th – “Funny”

March 20th – “Before/After”

March 21st – “Delicious”

March 22nd – “Kitchen Sink”

March 23rd – “Moon”

March 24th – “An Animal”

March 25th – “Breakfast”

March 26th – “Key”

March 27th – “Your Name”

March 28th through 31st – “Trash,” “Feet,” “Toy,” and “Where You Relax”

Guess I didn’t quite make it. Don’t let that fool you, though, Friends! I really enjoyed this. Fat Mum Slim does this every month, so why not give it a try? Maybe you’ll be more successful than I was.

~The End~