by littlesarahbigworld


Some days you just have a mood, you know? Like anxiety, or restlessness…anger. Some days you have a black heart, and some days it’s grey, and some days you go to the grocery store and buy milk and toilet paper, everything white and clean.


People are moving, changes changes. People are unsure about their relationships. It happens. Girls get together and analyze what they’ve done wrong, what they could have done differently. Or they giggle and wrap soft sweaters about their necks. Drink cocktails. Divide the world into events that make them either barf or cum everywhere.

(And that is the truth).


I don’t know, Friends. Some times you have a mood, and you have to just have it. Ride it out. Not a bad thing, just a thing, a moment, a feeling. Notions, miscommunications, friendship, heartbreak…

Or maybe it’s just that I drink too much. And I’m okay with that.

I will be back in Utah tonight.