A Brief Tour of Tours

by littlesarahbigworld

First day of class, which involved no class at all. Instead, a brief oral exam (“It is said that to learn a new language is to learn a new culture. Do you agree?” I did not.), juice and cookies, then an introductory lecture and presentation of the various optional excursions.

Then a walking tour of the city:

The Loire River


Down by the Guinguette

Beaucoup des étudiants

J'ai déjà oublié comment s'appelle ça

La cathédrale

And then lunch, with new friends and everything! (I thought I’d be tout suel here, like I was most of the time in Oviedo, but it looks like there will be socializing).

Then we walked around, buying things and speaking in broken french entre nous (I’m not the only dork!).

Lots of firsts: first day of class, first purchases, first nap since arrival (but only 30 minutes–gotta beat that jetlag), first run in France/first time running outdoors in MONTHS. Then Dinner with “La Famille.” Now I’m going to practice and then go to bed. Super productive, je sais.