Words Words Words

by littlesarahbigworld

Oh, friends…remember when I used to actually use this blog for WRITING? When I used to express myself poetically and thoughtfully? Like this:




Or maybe I was just venting, but STILL. It felt good to write. I miss it. Nowadays I feel like all I do is post pictures, which I’m sure is more enjoyable for you all, but it makes me feel lazy and uninspired.

I’ve been trying to combine the two into a sort of illustrated story, but I’m not sure that it’s working.

But what do YOU think? Do we like the pictures? Does anyone else miss the writing? What are your favorite and least-favorite parts of this blog?

*     *     *

In unrelated news: Coming SOON (possibly later today)–Pictures! LOTS of pictures!! Pictures of Mont Saint-Michel! Pictures of St. Malo! Pictures of a crêpe with bird poop on it!!!

Seriously, though, that’s what’s going to happen. After I go for a run.